Thursday, January 10, 2013

Eurobubble: the new West Wing?

A brave video producer and screenwriter (who in real life trains people to help them speak in public!) has started working on a new series, a comedy series I need to add, about........Eurocrats! The series will be called Eurobubble and the first episode should be ready in February.

Here is the trailer:

Let's start by saying that political series are absolutely my favourites. I must have watched all the 7 seasons of  The West Wing at least 5 times! And I have managed to go through two seasons of Borgen watching them in Danish with Dutch subtitles! I mean, how is this for commitment to the genre?

So, I am totally thrilled that there is someone out there willing to make a new series based in Brussels. The fact that it is going to be a comedy makes me happy and worried at the same time: happy because inevitably if you want to grab some audience talking about the ins and outs of working in and around the European institutions, you will desperately need to inject some sense of humour. And here comes the worry: will it be funny enough? Will it highlight some of the absurdities of the European capital or simply make fun of it all? I am not going to put the cart before the horse by starting with my negativity and I am hoping to meet the creator Yacine Kouhen to ask him directly, so will keep you posted. Instead, I am welcoming the initiative - in light of the repeatedly mentioned need to connect the EU with the European public, especially the young.  And I can actually think of a few interesting examples myself for possible ' lobbying' episodes! And for those who wanted to know a bit more about the producer and the series, have a look at the article published in the magazine Europe & Me, another worthy initiative that tries to create a truly European young public. Come to think of it, I can actually already see the subject for the next post: are there perhaps too many initiatives that get lost in that huge cauldron called 'doing something for Europe'? And am I in it as well? Oh dear.

Ps: Ah, and before you think I am mad, I do speak a bit of Dutch!
Yacine Kouhen

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Tina Gordon said...

Thanks for this preview. Looks like will be sharp and revealing of a subject most dramatists avoid because it's too difficult.