Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My Christmas present? Lots of videos, what else?

As the holiday season (gosh, how politically correct of me!) is fast approaching, I have a very nice Christmas present for you all. It's a collection of videos, some more recent than others, that have been produced to raise awareness on issues and campaigns and that, for one reason or another, have struck a chord with me. They are all very different in style, format and objective. But what they do have in common, is that that they all show how beautiful, powerful, controversial, effective and courageous the visual medium can be.

Which one do you like best?

One of the most successful campaigns of 2013:

Celebrities always work:

As do moving coloured maps:

This is an ad but the message is powerful nonetheless. And why do the good ones come so often from South-East Asia? Remember this one?:

A nice idea, well executed:

Will Greenpeace ever cease to provoke? Does this work?

And before Santa gives up and retires, let me wish you a lovely Christmas.

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Bruce McKean said...

Not easy. Not at all.

As an uninvolved viewer, the Pantene wins: attractive people, provocative labels. Good stuff.

As an involved viewer, "There's no place like home" combines message with recognition. Strong stuff.

As a viewer with a mission the Baltic traffic gets an honourable mention. Creative use of medium.

As a viewer with a history, "First World problems are not problems" probably only reinforces those who are already on message...and those who don't care, won't care.

Greenpeace? Meh! "They would do that, wouldn't they." Overwrought and overdone.

But you want one choice so I'll go with the commercial: Pantene. I'm unhappy, however, that it is a Procter and Gamble product. I so wanted it to be Unilever that has a far better sustainability record. But credit where (self-interested) credit is due: their agency pitched it and P@G accepted it.